How A Bee Removal Should Be Addressed

Pest Control

One of the worst pests to be invaded by are bees. Bees work together to create massive hives and colonies. Some may even compare the infestation of bees to an invasion. Bees are very protective of one another and their territory, and will attack any animal or person that poses a threat. This is one of the reasons why you should be very careful when attempting to remove bees from your property.

Act quickly. The quicker you attempt to remove a bee colony from your property the easier the problem can be handled. Bees grow their hives very quickly. A dozen or so bees can turn into hundreds if you’re not careful. As soon as you notice a small hive have it removed immediately. Often times these hives are created somewhere inside of the home — usually the attic. In this case, you may not notice the hive until it has become very large. This is when you’ll need to contact a professional Bee Removal service in your area.

Wear protective clothing. In most cases, bees won’t attack unless provoked in some way. If you plan on getting near the hive, to see its condition or to get rid of it, it’s important that you wear layered clothing. This involves wearing several long pants, several layers of long sleeved shirts, protective shoes and gloves, a hat, a mask to protect your face, and so on. The object is to make sure that none of your skin is exposed, and that there are no openings for the bees to get under your clothes.

Use professionals. If you’re worried that you’re ill-prepared to handle your bee problem, or that it’s too massive to handle on your own, you should consider calling a professional. Triple AAA American Exterminators have professionals who handle infestations like these all of the time. These professionals are equipped with the right clothing, the right training, and the right tools needed for the removal. If the infestation is small, insecticide may be used to kill the colony. However, massive hives may need to be removed and relocated.

Tips to remember: Get rid of the hive as soon as you discover it, always wear protective clothing when around the hive, and look to professionals if the situation has gotten out of hand. Read more