Bed Bug Preparation in NYC Before Treatment Begins

Pest Control

Nobody wants bed bugs in the home, but these nasty little pests are making a comeback. Sadly, once they have made their way into a residence, they are difficult to control or eliminate. The homeowner must take certain steps to help the pest control company achieve this goal. With proper bed bug preparation in NYC before treatment, a homeowner will find they can get rid of these pests and have a good night’s sleep once again.

Keep Belongings Put

While it may seem wise to move personal belongings to a storage unit or a family member or friend’s home during treatment, this should not be done. There is no way of knowing if these items are infested, and the problem may spread to another location. In fact, the bed bugs may even take up residence in the vehicle used to move these items. Once the treatment is complete and the items are returned to the residence that was treated, the problem begins anew.

Clean All Bedding

All pillowcases, blankets, sheets, bedding, and clothing must be washed in hot water. However, this isn’t enough to kill the pests. The items then need to be dried in a clothes dryer at the highest setting allowable for the bedding. Make certain every piece is thoroughly dried and placed in trash bags until the treatment process is complete. This prevents the treated linens from being mixed with other items that could be infested. Items that cannot be washed can be placed in the dryer at the highest heat setting allowed for the item and dry for 30 minutes at a minimum. These items need to be bagged immediately upon their removal from the dryer.

Vacuum the Home Thoroughly

Go through the entire home vacuuming every surface. This includes mattresses, hardwood floors, couches, and chairs. Whenever possible, turn the furniture over and vacuum the underside. After the entire home has been vacuumed in this manner, place the vacuum bag inside a plastic bag, tie it shut, and place inside another plastic bag. Immediately take the double-bagged vacuum bag to the outside trash can.

Remove all clutter and work to ensure the pest control company has access to all areas of the home. With proper bed bug preparation in NYC, a person will find they can eliminate the pests quickly. Visit our website today for more information on steps to take before treatment.