Beautiful Shower Trends In Todays Homes

Construction and Maintenance

Trends in building and remodeling designs come and go but there a few of the latest ones that have come on strong and stayed around. Material selection and techniques for installation have gotten so much better and easier that the end result nowadays is far more cost-efficient bathroom remodels. When it comes to showers in San Antonio, the bigger the better and large walk-in showers with multiple jets are definitely on target.

People Love Unique Shower Pan Tiling

For decades, a shower floor was tiled to match the walls. There are so many more options now and with the variety of tiles and stones, you can achieve almost any color combo you want. People are also much more interested in obtaining a more natural feeling in the room such as the use of a pebbled shower floor which can give you the feeling that you are standing in a calm fishing stream.

Built-In Comfortable Shower Seating

Seating can be convenient and with the addition of safety bars, shower seats are relaxed places to soak, shave and get clean. Construction of these seats and shelving units can be done quickly and efficiently and allows you to create a truly unique bathroom shower for your home. All you need is your imagination and a good solid contractor with bathroom experience.

Fiberglass vs. Glass vs. Tile Showers

Fiberglass showers are the least expensive option, are easily installed and cleaned. They are also less likely than glass or tile to fall prey to mold and mildew, hard water stains or soap scum build-up. A glass shower can make your bath feel larger and more spa like. They allow for more flexibility in design, but are more expensive than fiberglass. A tile shower can lead to a gorgeous bathroom. Tile comes in an endless variety of sizes, shapes and colors.

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