Be Safe – Hire a Professional Company to do House Demolition in Tacoma, WA


Demolition is almost always easier than construction, but that doesn’t mean that it’s something that most people can do with an axe and a crowbar. Instead, care must be taken to ensure that the structure doesn’t collapse on the head of whoever is taking it down. Not only that, the successful destruction of a house is just the first half of the job. The other half involves removing the debris.

Most house demolition in Tacoma, WA involves site-built homes that are fairly tough to get rid of. Bricks, aluminum siding, and other elements can withstand most human-powered destruction attempts. Therefore, bulldozers and backhoes are often needed. Even with this equipment, care must be taken. Simply ramming a bulldozer into the side of a house is likely to result in a shower of bricks landing right on the operator. Therefore, it’s a good idea to call professionals like R.W. Excavation, LLC to do the work.

When two-story houses are involved, it doesn’t really matter what they are made of. Attacking them from the bottom will undermine their structures. While this will certainly bring them down in a hurry, it also is unlikely to provide enough time to get out of the way. Therefore, they are usually dismantled starting with the top story. The care needed to take down these homes will either make the project go more slowly or cause the demolition company to need a bigger crew to speed up progress.

It can be tempting to attack smaller houses, such as old single-wide trailers, on your own. This is possible to do, but you’ll need to round up about four dedicated and very muscular friends and work eight-hour days if you don’t want it to take forever. You’ll also have to fight with the thick metal “foundation” frame such structures are connected to. Therefore, you’ll almost surely be happier if you hire a specialist in house demolition in Tacoma, WA to do the work instead.

Once the demolition is complete, it’s time for the next step: debris removal. Most crews will set up a roll-off container to hold all of the remnants. Then, the debris and its container will simply be hauled away once the job is done. If the job produces more debris than one roll-off can hold, more will be brought in as needed. To know more, contact R.W. Excavation, LLC.