Barrier Kit Closure Tool is the New Flow of Surgery


Having a smooth flow in the operating room ensures everything goes as well as can be expected and there’s little to no risk to anyone involved in the procedure. The good news is there are tools available that will make things easier and less risky in the operating suite. This includes a barrier kit that makes closing a simpler procedure the surgeon can perform without needing a second pair of hands.

Keep Needles Close at Hand

With a barrier kit, surgeons are able to mount everything they need for closing sutures on their non-dominant arm so they can easily reach over and access what they need with a lower chance of dropping needles or needle sticks. These kits include the fresh sutures, as well as a needle trap to capture and secure the used needles in a way that keeps everyone safe and allows for easy counting for accountability at the end of the procedure. In most cases, the suture kits and needle traps can be removed and new ones secured without requiring a full new barrier kit.

A Variety of Sizes

Because suture needles come in a variety of sizes, it’s no surprise you can purchase barrier kits in a number of sizes to accommodate the different needles. There are two primary sizes of barrier kits. The large kit can accommodate just about every size of the needle, while the small kit can only handle needles between 12 and 26 mm. The type you need depends on the needs of your individual patients.

If you’re interested in purchasing quality barrier kits for your surgical needs, Sharp Fluidics, LLC.