Avoid Foreclosure in Cincinnati OH and Keep the Property


Although the housing market has exhibited signs of recovery since the recession, many people continue to have trouble making their mortgage payments and eventually face foreclosure. The job market hasn’t recovered in Cincinnati as much as it has in other parts of the country. People who lose their jobs often take lower paying positions in order to make ends meet. Those who struggle to pay their mortgage risk losing their homes. There are ways to avoid Foreclosure in Cincinnati OH, but it’s essential to act quickly.

The first step to take after the mortgage company informs the homeowner they intend to foreclose is to consult with an experienced attorney. Homeowners that are proactive are sometimes able to work with the mortgage company to change the terms of their mortgage to make the payments more affordable. This could involve lowering the payments temporarily or permanently. An attorney may advise a client about their options and suggest the most appropriate solution to the problem. Although some families might lose their home to Foreclosure in Cincinnati OH, many do not.

One of the most effective options for avoiding foreclosure and keeping the property is Chapter 13 bankruptcy. In order to take advantage of this legal action, the family must have a reliable source of income and the ability to make payments on all of their bills. Bankruptcy will reorganize a family’s debts, so they fall within their budget, but it might not help a family that doesn’t earn enough income to support a mortgage payment on the home where they currently live. Most debts can be paid through the bankruptcy court, so people who choose this option won’t have to make separate payments to creditors every month.

To start the process, families in need of legal help to keep their house should Visit Deansnyderattorney.com. By working with an attorney who focuses on bankruptcy law, a family with this kind of problem could get answers to their questions and the support they need to resolve their financial trouble. Over a few years, a family that files for Chapter 13 bankruptcy may stabilize their financial situation so they can move forward to a more productive future.