Aurora Family Lawyers Explain New Illinois Family Law Rules


As of January 1, 2016, the state of Illinois made some major changes to its Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (IMDMA), so now Aurora family lawyers are helping their clients understand the changes. The IMDMA directs the rules regarding Family Law for marriages, divorces, and for child custody and support.

While some of these changes may seem minor, others are more involved and that could mean that you should consult with your Aurora family lawyers if you are confused as to how the new laws will affect you if you are, for instance, a divorced parent or someone contemplating a divorce, marriage or child custody case.

Old Family Law Civil Suits for “Heart Balm” Topics Changes

The new laws in the state of Illinois got rid of several lawsuits that were possible to bring in the past, which were called “heart balm” topics. These changes mean that someone can no longer file a lawsuit due to a broken heart, breach of promise for a broken marriage engagement or for alienation of affection. As Aurora family lawyers are explaining to their clients, these laws were seen as old-fashioned and only meant to harass someone.

So, if you are having trouble understanding these recent changes in the law, please make an appointment with your Aurora family lawyers to discuss how these changes may affect your upcoming or previous case. Besides the above changes there were several other changes made to the divorce laws, as well as child custody and visitation laws in the state.

Consult an Attorney to Understand the Changes

When it comes to divorce in Illinois, Aurora family lawyers also had to learn about the new changes in that area for 2016. They are always learning new things and keeping up to date so they can better serve their customers. The changes in the divorce laws in Illinois included things like how and when to allocate property.

This means that if you are contemplating divorce, then you should consult with an Illinois attorney so you will understand the new changes and be able to meet any new requirements. This is especially true if you have children, as some of the laws regarding custody and visitation also changed.

The bottom line is that Aurora Family Lawyers are skilled and professional and do all they can to stay current with the Family Law rules in Illinois.

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