Assisted Living Nursing Care in Minneapolis for Care Around the Clock

Health Consultant

There are many hard decisions a family must make when they have a family member who needs care outside the home. Assisted living facilities offer housing alternatives that are valuable to families who need their assistance. They offer the support and care their loved ones need, and the assurance family members want to make their decision. However, many assisted living facilities do not always offer all the services that would make family members feel completely comfortable with their loved one’s living situation. Although their facilities and staff may be great, the reality is families want to know that in the event of a medical emergency, their loved ones will be taken care of immediately and not left to their own devices. Health Counseling Services Living facility not only provides emergency care service 24 hours a day, and seven days a week for seniors but also top quality Nursing Care in Minneapolis as well.

Seniors at Health Counseling Services are cared for by a friendly staff of medical care professionals. The facility is designed to make seniors feel as if they are at home, but with extra perks that also make them feel special. They provide fully furnished private or shared suites, daily common housekeeping services, healthy meals that accommodate each dietary need, social and recreational activities and events, community dining, an in-house salon and barber on staff, and many other services that ensure seniors have everything they need to feel content.

Health Counseling Services is a fully licensed facility by the state of Minneapolis and the Department of Public Health. They provide in-house medical care by primary care physicians, psychiatrists, occupational and physical therapists, restorative therapies, rehabilitation and a wide range of medical programs and therapies that will enhance the lives of their patients with the best medical care available. Their staff of trained professional assisted living nurses provides Nursing Care in Minneapolis, that families will be pleased with. Their nursing staff is on call at all times for emergencies and regular care, and their management and dietary team, housekeeping and maintenance crew, work together to create an atmosphere that fosters healing and happiness.