Assessing Roofing Needs in Puyallup WA


Homeowners don’t tend to pay much attention to the roofs on their homes until something seems to go wrong. A better approach is to have a professional inspect the roof at least once a year. As part of the process, that professional can assess any roofing needs in Puyallup WA that are present, and prepare a quote for making the necessary repairs. Here are some examples. Replacing Damaged ShinglesAfter a major storm, there is always the possibility that one or more shingles will need replacing. These types of roofing needs in Puyallup WA are relatively simple to address. A trained roofer can remove the damaged shingles and then replace them with new ones. This will require making sure the fit is snug and that the right material is used to make a water tight seal under and around those replacement shingles. Checking Around ChimneysThe flashing used around chimneys helps to ensure that rain and other forms of precipitation doesn’t seep into the space between the brick and the roof structure.

Over time, that flashing can begin to weaken and curl. When roofing needs in Puyallup WA like this arise, the goal is to remove the old flashing and replace it with fresh product. This will involve molding the flashing to fit snugly around the chimney, then use the right type of tar or tar paper to help create the seal under that flashing. When the job is done, the area will once again be sealed perfectly. Repairing ValleysPeaks and valleys are part of many roof designs. The points where those two elements meet require special care, since water will often collect and run through the valleys on the way to the gutters. Just as around chimneys, flashing is used to add strength to those valleys and protect the roof structure underneath.

When the flashing begins to loosen, this calls for replacing it with fresh product. Additional tar to seal the area is often included. In addition roofing tacks that are then sealed on top with a little tar will help to reinforce the area. The experts at DLP Roofing are always ready to examine a roof and identify any repairs that are currently needed. After going over the nature and cost of the repairs, the team can take care of the issues in a matter of hours.