Asian Food In Los Angeles Is Meant To Be Enjoyed

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The dish “Chinese Chicken Salad” has established itself as one of the most requested choices for either lunch or dinner. This Asian inspired salad selection appeals to a wide audience due to its fresh ingredients, nutrition and taste. It quickly made a mark for itself in Los Angeles due to its ability to be both a menu selection that is lower in fat, and one that is easily portable for purposes of “take out.”

When mentioning Asian Food in Los Angeles, area foodies talk about the restaurant “Feast From The East” which is well known for the premier form of this chicken salad. “Feast From The East” was originally founded in the year 1981. Thirty-three years later, this small restaurant is still engaging taste buds with its signature dishes and exciting new menu options.

Their dining room needs no reservations and diners usually find their table on a first-come first-serve basis. While this restaurant does not have a dining room set aside for private and corporate parties, small groups are welcome. Groups numbering from ten to fifteen members in size can be served in one of their small dining rooms. This cafe only requests that groups obtain approval in advance, so that their dining needs can be fully accommodated by the staff.

Perhaps where this restaurant has reserved a place in the heart of hungry Los Angeles residents, is with their ability to provide a menu especially for those who wish to take away their lunch or dinner. Orders can be placed by phone for pick-up at the restaurant itself. “Feast From The East” has delivery options that can make it easier for any family to enjoy their meal in the privacy of their own home, without having to leave the house themselves.

To take a look at their menu and see photographs of the dishes this restaurant is famous for, visit their user-friendly website located. In addition to a full history of how this restaurant came to be, their web pages also feature additional resources about their private line of dressings and sauces, that can be purchased for home use.