Archery in Michigan is a Great Way for Families to Bond


Interest in Archery in Michigan has increased with the popularity of the best selling book “The Hunger Games.” Teens are now asking their parents to let them take archery lessons. The sport is a wonderful way to improve concentration and coordination. It also provides a wonderful opportunity for parents to spend some time with the kids if they decide to take up archery with them. Every parent knows teens can be fickle, so before buying any equipment, they should go to an archery center that rents equipment. After a few lessons, the parents will know if the teens are serious about continuing.

Before buying equipment, it’s a good idea to use a variety of styles and sizes of bows. While there are guidelines, these don’t take into consideration the strength of the novice bow hunter. Used archery equipment is a great way to keep the initial costs down. Many sporting goods stores buy used archery equipment. It’s best for a beginner to frequent a store that has experienced archers on staff, as they can explain which bows are good for beginners and children. Selecting the proper arrows also makes life easier.

Joining an Archery in Michigan club is a good way for teens and their parents to get to learn about archery and to make new friends that also enjoy the sport. Families often begin shooting at targets on ranges. This enables them to develop their skills in a safe environment. Hunting is also a popular sport in Michigan, and families often combine the two. Field target archery is a good bridge between target archery and bow hunting. Instead of shooting at targets that are on an open and flat range, field targets are located in the woods.

The archer must learn to judge distances over uneven terrain and through moving bushes. This is also the time to make the transition to a compound bow. A compound bow has a lot more power, because the bow is bent with a series of pulleys and levers. The bow wood is also stiffer. As a result, the arrow flies further and faster. Hunters prefer using a bow because it doesn’t harm the meat. They also think it’s a fairer fight between people and animals. Click here to learn more about archery and bow hunting.