Applications For The Bronze Flange Bearing

Bronze Metals & Alloys

While some bearings do not, many others have flanges at one end. This option, also known as a shoulder, serves a highly desirable function. A bronze flange bearing helps in the positioning and mounting of the bearing. Flanges may appear as part of a singular bearing or as an integral component of external housings. The design of these small components makes them capable of handling two different types of loads – thrust and radial. It also helps the bearing in its function – to reduce friction. At the same time, installation of a flange may help make overall installation of a bearing easier.

To perform these tasks, manufacturers may specify one of the different types of flange bearings. They may ask for

  • Flange mount bearings
  • Flange block bearings
  • Flange unit ball bearings

It is possible not only to purchase a stock bronze flange bearing but also to arrange for one a customized version – one designed to exact and exacting specifications.


Bronze flange bearings find their way into many different applications. They are employed in light and heavy industries including the printing, mining and automotive industries. Other equipment that relies on the abilities of bronze flange bearings includes the following

  • Agricultural machinery
  • Aviation machinery
  • Cold rolling industry
  • Electrical machinery
  • Engineering machinery
  • Food machinery
  • Hardware machinery
  • Hydraulic machinery
  • Irrigation machinery
  • Machine tool industry
  • Metallurgical and mining machinery
  • Pharmaceutical machinery
  • Printing and packaging machinery
  • Textile machinery

As such, bronze flange bearings are integrated into fans for various industries, generators, industrial blowers, and motors. The qualities embodied in bronze flange bearings make this possible.

Bronze Flange Bearing

If you are operating an application involving a shaft, you will require something to decrease the damaging effects of vibrations. One common and inexpensive way to handle this issue is to install a bronze flange bearing. These components will support the shaft while providing the necessary qualities to improve the overall performance of the equipment.