Appliances that consume the most energy


When you get your electricity bill at the end of the month have you ever given any thought to what appliances in Laguna Niguel CA account for the most energy consumption? The energy consumption in a normal home is composed of lighting, heating and cooling and domestic appliances. Over the course of a year, appliances normally account for the least consumption; lighting and temperature control are much higher. Even at that, many appliances do use a considerable amount of energy.

The two appliances in Laguna Niguel CA that consume the most power in your home are the clothes dryer and the refrigerator. The refrigerator is on 24 hours a day and the power consumption increases significantly when the compressor cycles on to maintain the temperature. The clothes dryer on the other hand is not on all day but when it is running it consumes a tremendous amount of energy.

Although the dryer and refrigerator are the main appliances that consume the most electricity, they are not the only heavy consumers. The stove to, oven, microwave, water heater and plasma TV also are heavy users. Appliances that are heat creators are the usual suspects. Small home appliances; fans, coffee pots etc consume considerably less power but the actual consumption is all based on the amount of time they are used.

There are really only two ways to drive down that component of your electric bill. You can either use them less often or replace them with new, highly efficient Energy Star appliances. With the heating and cooling element of the bill being the highest, replacing an old outdated furnace and air conditioning system will save a considerable amount of money. In the case of domestic appliances, when you are looking to purchase new, check the yellow tag on the appliance, it provides consumer information about the energy rating.

Monitoring the way you use appliances is also a way to reduce energy consumption. When appliances are not in use, disconnect them from the power supply. Only use the clothes dryer, washing machine and dish washer when there is a full load and consider using some of the modern features on new appliances such as the “no heat” drying cycle on the dishwasher or wash the clothes in cold water only.

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