An Ear Infection In Bethlehem, PA Should Be Treated By An Ear, Nose And Throat Doctor


Ear infections can happen in children or adults. These types of infections usually happen when fluid becomes trapped in the middle ear due to a throat infection, cold, or allergies. Children are affected more often than adults with this type of infection.

The symptoms of an Ear Infection in Bethlehem PA can be pain and yellow fluid coming from the ears. The main reason children get earaches more frequently than adults is that they cannot fight off bacteria or viruses as well as an adult can. If an ear infection is left untreated, it can cause damage to a child’s hearing.

What Does A Doctor Look For In The Ear To Confirm An Infection?

A doctor will ask about all of the symptoms a patient has had. The doctor will use an otoscope to look at the eardrum for any signs of infection, blockage, or fluid starting to fill the middle ear. The otoscope will blow a little bit of air to determine if it’s properly moving back and forth.

Treatment For An Ear Infection

An Ear Infection in Bethlehem can be treated with antibiotics if it is caused by bacteria. If the pain is severe, the physician might recommend a pain reliever or the use of low heat from a heating pad. When the infection is causing serious complications, the doctor might need to create a small hole in the eardrum so the pus can drain out through a tube.


Myringotomy is a surgery that can reduce the fluid in the middle ear and allow air flow. This procedure is usually performed on children and can help reduce the number of ear infections they have. The tubes that are inserted can reduce pain, improve hearing, and usually fall out without six to eighteen months.

Ear infections in children or adults should be properly diagnosed and treated by an ear, nose and throat doctor, also known as an ENT. They will be able to determine if the condition is caused by a bacterial infection or a virus. In addition, they can treat a patient’s allergies, sinus infections, voice and tonsil disorders and so much more. For more information, please visit our website.