An Asthma and Allergy Doctor in Elizabethtown KY Helps When Symptoms Are Worse in Humid Weather


For various reasons, allergy and asthma symptoms can get worse when the weather is humid. In the area around Louisville, Kentucky, muggy weather is relatively common in the summer. Humid conditions can occur in spring’s rainy season too. Asthma and allergy doctor in Elizabethtown KY can make a definitive diagnosis on which substances patients are allergic to and offer tips on managing the problem.

Mold and Dust Mites

Two of the most common allergens are mold and waste left by microscopic dust mites. Both of these allergens increase with high humidity. Using a dehumidifier to keep the inside of the home at a reasonable moisture level reduces the growth rate of these two substances. This can be a whole-house dehumidifier attached to the furnace, or a portable device or two in the home.

Air Pollution

Air pollution is worse on hot, humid days than it is at other times. Invisible and visible particulates can hang in the air because of the moisture molecules, causing people to breathe in larger amounts of pollen, mold spores and other troublesome substances. In a city where ozone or smog levels are high, this can trigger symptoms for people who experience wheezing and shortness of breath due to their allergies. These individuals may want to seek treatment from asthma and Allergy Doctor in Elizabethtown KY.


The temperature doesn’t have to be excessively warm for allergies and asthma symptoms to worsen, however. Chilly, damp days that are common in spring can cause sneezing, wheezing and a stuffy nose because of mold spores and mildew. The population of mold spores tends to grow in fall, too, as wet leaves left on the ground start to decay in the dampness.

Some men and women eventually move to the Southwest because the dry air dramatically reduces their allergy and asthma symptoms. Not everyone wants to do that, of course. Instead, they turn to a clinic such as Accredited Asthma, Allergy & Food Intolerance Center to help them manage the problem without having to move out of state. Anyone who needs help with these health disorders may schedule an appointment at the earliest convenience.