Amazing Lawns Start at the Sod Farm in Wichita, KS


When homeowners have yards, they want them to look beautiful, and they want to have lush, green grass. Having a nice lawn can take a lot of time and effort. If it is a new lawn being started, it can take months to get it to look good if one is using grass seed. But, if they use sod they can have a beautiful lawn immediately. Sod is lawn that has already been grown, then cut out of the ground in patches and rolls. The soil and roots are all there, so once the sod is laid down, a little bit of water and pressure will make it completely take root. It does cost a bit more to create a lawn in this manner, but the results are more than worth the cost.

For those who want to have nice lawns but don’t like to do a lot of lawn care, sod from the sod farm in Wichita, KS is the ideal solution. This type of ready-made lawn doesn’t need a whole lot of maintenance once it has been laid and pressed with a roller. It will need daily watering at first in order for the roots to get established, but after that, it only needs to be watered during especially dry periods. Seeding a lawn involves a lot more work, and it can take as long as a year to get the desired results. Sod lawns are pretty much free of weeds, which is one less thing for homeowners to worry about. Another benefit to using materials from the sod farm in Wichita, KS is that it is easier to use on sloped areas. Grass seed can shift and move, but sod will stay in place wherever it is installed, even in heavy rains.

In addition to being easier to maintain, sod from the sod farm in Wichita, KS is better for the environment than seeded lawns. This is because it requires less water, and because the lack of weeds means that homeowners don’t need to use harmful chemicals on their lawns. Another environmental and health benefit of products from the sod farm in Wichita, KS is that like all plants, sod grass produces oxygen.

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