Alzheimer’s In-Home Care in Union County NJ- Helping a Loved One Stay Safe

Senior Living

There is nothing worse than watching a loved one, especially a parent, decline in physical and mental health. Alzheimer’s is one of the most devastating diseases of aging that robs individuals of their mental clarity, focus and control. When a loved one is struggling with this disease, family members often find that they struggle to provide proper and adequate care. This is where Alzheimer’s in-home health care in Union County, NJ, can be a true lifesaver by helping with these common self-care issues:


Bathing is important to maintaining good health and wellness and can also help with mental focus and mood. In-home care assistants can help make this difficult and potentially dangerous task much safer and easier for everyone involved.


Home care help is focused on helping the patient with basic self-care such as dressing and changing as well as things like shaving, bathroom issues, and more. They make it easier for someone with Alzheimer’s to have a sense of normalcy day to day.


When an elderly person has the added limitations of a condition like Alzheimer’s, household chores will often go undone and this can lead to safety concerns. With in-home care help, kitchens can be cleaned, walkways can be kept clean, and the home can be made safe.


Of all the issues memory loss and loss of mobility can cause, the problems with keeping medications on schedule can be the most devastating. One of the basic tasks all in-home care assistants are trained in is helping individuals with their medication schedule.

To see what Visiting Angels can do for your loved one, contact us to schedule an in-home consultation. We would love to help you and your family member attain a better quality of life today!