All You Wanted to Know about Bully Sticks

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In your daily life you would come across a number of people who feed their pet dogs with bully sticks. These are most commonly known as beef or steer sticks. Although such pet food are often marketed as the dried muscles of bulls, in reality these are made from the penises of these animals. Depending on your pet, you would find such food items in various sizes and are claimed to be completely healthy and safe for your dog to chew upon. In fact it would always be a better idea to take your time and search for the right one to suit your pet.

Generally all bully sticks are made with pure beef and have been proved to be an excellent treat for any type of dog. First of all, the manufacturers of such dog food, clean the penises and then hang it upside down. This allows any fluid inside the penis to drain out completely. When there is no more fluid in them, these are then stretched or given various shapes to allow your pet to have a delicious chewing food. Finally these are dried or smoked so that your dog can chew upon it for a long time. Normally it is seen that bully sticks are available in different sizes and may be up to four inches wide. This makes it possible for dogs, of various types, to enjoy this food.

Experts are of the opinion that such beef sticks are better for dogs to chew upon rather than any other treats. This is simply because these are made from natural ingredients and are completely free from any type of chemicals or dyes. This also makes it very easy for pets to digest such food items quite easily. Most of the dog owners have also pointed out that these beef sticks are quite beneficial to maintain a proper health and oral hygiene for your dog. If your dog chews these sticks then it would help to avoid the formation of tartar and plaque on their teeth.

On the other hand, many people have also mentioned that bully sticks are excellent to help your dog relieve stress by chewing such delicious food items. In fact your dog can chew upon these sticks for a long time since they have a long life span. The next time you decide to buy such sticks for your dog, make sure that you choose the right one. If this is not the case then your dog may not like it at all.

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