All About Instant Snow Powder?


If you want it to snow, the only option may be artificial snow. Instant snow powder is one way to make certain you have enough of the right white stuff for any occasion. Whether as host for a large event or if you are staging a film, artificial snow is the only sure way to give everybody what he or she wants.

What is Artificial Instant Snow Powder?

Instant snow powder is, essentially, snow that comes in powder form. It’s made from polymer – a chemical. A polymer is a group of many molecules threaded together creating extremely long chains and/or other types of complex structures. They act, react and create a variety of substances depending on how they are joined together. Artificial snow is one example of how certain polymers work together.

Polymers can occur naturally, but are also synthesized. Commonly employed in the plastic industries, polymers are known for their unique properties. They are used frequently because they can be personalized to meet planned purpose. Polymers can be as bouncy as the naturally occurring rubber (a polymer) or as soft as foam. They appear as common items we use every day including:

  • Adhesives

  • Carpets and upholstery

  • Detergent bottles

  • Electrical insulation

  • Grocery bags

  • Non-stick pans

  • Paints

  • Piping

  • Toys

Instant snow powder is one another form of polymerization.

Characteristics of Instant Powder Snow

People choose instant powder snow for many reasons. Its characteristics make it ideal for simulating the real thing. While it may have many characteristics in common with real snow, artificial snow has its own qualities. These are what make it a favorite among adults and children alike.

Instant snow powder is:

  • Safe: This is true for all users including pets

  • Environmentally friendly: This makes it easier for those who want snow but do not want to increase their environmental footprint by being wasteful and using a substance that is harmful

  • Does not melt: By not melting, it is able to not only stay around longer providing lasting and even repeated fun, but also makes it less messy than actual snow

  • Realistic: By resembling the real thing, instant snow powder can be used to create the illusion required for parties, special events and theater and film productions

  • Versatile: Real snow lands where it lands. It cannot be forced to pile up in a certain spot and avoid others. Instant snow powder lets you make a choice. It let’s you lay down the snow where you want it to be – on centerpieces, on the floor, around a photo booth or in a playground. It can be put down anywhere.

Overall, when it comes to snow, you sometimes do not have any choice in the matter. You will need to rely on the power of the polymer as represented in artificial snow. Where there is a need for snow, don’t think too long or look to far. Opt for the easy way out by choosing high quality instant snow powder from a reputable company.

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