All About Grain Augers in Oregon

Tools and Equipment

A grain auger is a tool used in the milling and farming industries to help move the grain. It is made up of a shaft of solid steel surrounded by a flat steel spiral. As the Augers in Oregon turn counter-clockwise, the grain is lifted and moved into a grain hopper. The hopper makes use of the power of gravity to deposit the grain into storage bins, trucks, or other places where the grain may need to go.

Grain augers are greatly desired tools to use in agriculture because they are highly mobile. Since most Grain Augers in Oregon possess wheels, they can easily be moved from job site to job site without much effort. While grain augers can be as tall as 60 feet, they must be reduced to their shortest height before movement is possible. This is a built-in safety mechanism, so the auger does not tip or strike overhead objects during transport.

The better quality augers have a guard that prevents any unwanted foreign material from accidentally getting into the shaft. Augers that do not possess this attribute have a risk of inadvertently contaminating the grain being moved. Most state departments of agriculture highly recommend the use of these triangular guards, which simply cover the intake and are fairly unobtrusive.

Grain augers are typically used for only a brief time during the season, correlating with times the grains are ripe and ready to be harvested. Experts working at the National Agriculture Safety Database recommend that annual maintenance and inspections take place on the auger to ensure its safe operation. Maintenance typically includes lubrication of the device, a dry run start-up and shut-down, and also individual inspections of moving parts. One newcomer to the consumer auger scene is actually the hydraulic auger, which uses hydraulic power to operate and is much more powerful than a traditional auger.

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