All About Body Piercing Jewelry Like Ear Piercing Tunnels & More


Many people groups around the world have their own unique fashions and cultural expressions of beauty and personality or character traits. More individuals are getting into the current body piercing trend and may desire authentic body piercing looks, supplies, jewelry and more to make their own personalized style statement. Learn all about body piercing jewelry like ear piercing tunnels and more.

What Is the History of Stretched Ears?

There have been many societies that displayed unusual jewelry including body piercings that may have included stretching out the ear lobes or other body structures. To do this, some prefer to use ear piercing special tunnels crafted for just this purpose. This is generally a hollow plug that is tube-shaped. Some of these tunnels are meant to be seen through such as with scalpelled piercings and stretched earlobes. However, the smaller the ear tunnels size the harder it is to see through.

Some Fascinating Facts Regarding Ear Piercing with Tunnels

The Massai tribe is known to stretch their ears lobes and other related structures as a sign of wisdom or status in the community. Tribe elders often have the largest stretched ears that likely contributes to this style meaning. Sometimes, people will use ornamentation to dangle from stretched earlobes usually among the women. These decorative ear decor items may be crafted from stone, elephant tusks, wood and bone.

Final Thoughts Regarding Stretched Ears

It is important to determine if stretched ears are right for each person. This body-art is generally considered permanent.

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