What Air Conditioning Contractors in Corona CA Consider When Installing New Systems

Heating and Air Conditioning

When it’s time to get a new air conditioning system, you’ll find that Air Conditioning Contractors in Corona, CA use several steps to determine the best possible solution. These steps are fairly set when it comes to home systems, but can involve much more complexity when commercial systems are involved. Here are some of the things they will look at:

Home Systems

The ventilation part of the system is one of the most important factors for both home and commercial AC systems. In homes, however, the rooms are small enough that standard configurations will usually do the job. Typically, air conditioning contractors in Corona, CA will make sure that there is an outlet in each room. If duct work is already in place, it is likely that nothing else will need to be done. Some household duct work, however, is lacking registers for areas of the home that were added after it was originally built. Ducts will therefore have to be put in these new rooms in order to air condition them.

Air conditioning professionals will also look at basics like the size of the home and its level of insulation. This will form the basis for their recommendations for system size. If a home is particularly large, they may also recommend a zoned AC system. This allows you to keep less-used areas much warmer than the rest without completely closing off the registers in those rooms.

Commercial Systems

The size and amount of air infiltration a commercial building has is a big determinant in how much raw cooling power it needs, just as it does in homes. Air conditioning contractors in Corona, CA will therefore put plenty of focus on the duct work in these structures. Commercial buildings can present plenty of ducting challenges due to their size. This is especially true of warehouses, cubicle farms, and other structures that are essentially giant, open-floor plan boxes. Therefore, the duct system will be specifically engineered so that it effectively sends cool air to the entire area without leaving spots that are exceptionally cold or hot. This aspect of AC design is essential to obtaining a good result, so look for air conditioning contractors in Corona, CA that have plenty of experience in this area.