Aftercare for Tooth Extractions in Amarillo, Texas


There are a variety of reasons that dentists might suggest that their patients have Tooth Extractions in Amarillo Texas. These include infection, decay, gum disease, acute damage, and crowding in addition to the more commonly known impacting of wisdom teeth. No matter why readers are having their teeth extracted, there are a few things that they can do to ensure that everything goes smoothly throughout their recoveries.

Immediate Aftercare

The gauze pad applied immediately after the extraction should be left in place for between three to four hours following the procedure. Patients may also want to apply ice packs to the affected area but it’s important not to leave them on for more than ten minutes at a time as prolonged exposure to cold can cause tissue damage. Most patients will be prescribed painkillers, which should be taken as instructed.

The First Day

Patients should avoid eating solid food, using straws, rinsing, and spitting for the first 24 hours following their extractions. This will help to avoid dislodging the blood clot, which can cause a painful condition most commonly known as dry socket. It’s also a good idea for readers to prop their heads up with pillows when they go to sleep to help promote healing.

The First Week

At the end of the first day after Tooth Extractions in Amarillo Texas patients can gently rinse their mouths with salt solutions. They should continue avoiding particularly hard foods, although it may be possible to eat some softer foods that require chewing after one day, and should be careful to avoid the affected area when brushing and flossing. It’s essential that readers avoid smoking for at least a week following their procedures as doing so creates a perfect environment for both dry socket and certain types of infections.

Follow All Instructions

Before their procedures patients will receive more detailed instructions from their dentists, which they should follow conscientiously even if they are not in agreement with the advice offered above. Those who are looking for a dentist who can perform an extraction can make an appointment at Panhandle Dental. Browse the website or get in contact to schedule a consultation today to get started.