The Advice from A Premise Liability Injury Attorney in Gig Harbor on Home Owners Insurance


If there were a place totally safe and accident-free, it would be densely populated by now because everyone would wish to live safe. But since there is no such place, and there is no possibility of it ever existing, then it is only wise to insure yourself and your premises. If a person gets injured in your premises and it is proven to be your fault, you might get sued. Home owner’s insurance policies insure you against such accidents that may affect you or any person that visits your premises. A Premises Liability Injury Attorney in Gig Harbor will be a great help when it comes to claiming for compensation from your insurance company.

What is covered by the insurance and what is not?

Even if you have taken an on and off premise insurance coverage, note that your insurance company will not cover some of the accidents that you may cause or may affect you. They carefully assess the causes and factors surrounding the cause of the accident before they compensate you. Below is a brief description of what is covered and what is not.

You’re negligence

As ridiculous as it may sound, insurance companies cover you for any accidents that may affect you or others due to your negligence based on the policy you bought. The government and society in general expect all individuals to act sensibly by doing what is right and avoiding situations that may affect you or others. For instance, if a non-coated electrical wire which you were aware of its existence happens to electrocute your visitor, it is an accident caused by your negligence. In this case, your insurance company will compensate the affected party.

Deliberate actions

If an accident that affects you, or any of your visitors were caused by your intentional ill motives, it would be covered by the insurance company. For instance, while arguing on a staircase you intentionally pushed someone down the stairs, be ready to pay tooth and nail to compensate the injured person. This is because, the insurance company does not cover such.

If you have been sued as a negligent premise owner, contact a Premises Liability Injury Attorney in Gig Harbor from Otto Law Offices.