Advantages of West Lafayette, IN, Townhouse Apartment Communities Near Purdue

Apartment Building

Purdue students who want to live off campus may wonder which apartment community design would be most suitable for their lifestyle. Townhouse apartments provide distinct advantages over other styles. Purdue apartments of West Lafayette, IN, in the townhouse design are close to campus and offer many appealing amenities.

Upstairs Bedrooms: Quieter Spaces

Townhouse apartments typically have the bedrooms upstairs and the general living space downstairs. That means better privacy and less noise for residents in the bedrooms trying to sleep, study or just relax solo. The people downstairs will still want to keep the noise level down while their roommates are sleeping, but this isn’t as much of a concern as when everything is on the same floor.

A Homier Environment

Living in townhouse Purdue apartments of West Lafayette, IN, can feel more like the student resides in a house than is the case with other apartments. Even when the place is situated between two others, having two stories conveys the sense of an actual house. The larger units are the size of a modest to moderate house at around 1,200 to 1,800 square feet.

Extra Amenities

These communities also tend to offer more amenities. There could be a 24-hour fitness center, a swimming pool and a clubhouse. A community geared toward college students could have private study areas. Residents don’t need to traipse back to campus when they have trouble concentrating at home. Anyone looking for a new place to live near Purdue may check out Redpoint West Lafayette today.