Advantages Of Using 2/0 Marine Battery Cable


Anyone who spends time on the water knows that corrosion is a very big factor to consider. Damage to everything from engine components to wiring is common and can result in ending up stranded out on the water.

While there are maintenance strategies to remove corrosion, choosing marine grade materials that are designed to resist this issue is always the best option. This is why 2/0 marine battery cable is highly recommended for any type of watercraft.

This factor is extremely important if you are using the boat on salt water. This can be much more corrosive than fresh water, but both can play havoc on the electric system and the engine components. This is true even if the battery and the cables are secured and covered, but it is extremely problematic if it is exposed to the salt water or fresh water spray.

Tinned Cable

The 2/0 marine battery cable is different from average battery cable in that each strand of the cable is tinned. This is highly effective at reducing exposure of the more corrosive copper wire. It also has a special jacket material that is more protective.

It is not just water and salt that can cause problems. This cable will resist exposure to acids, alkali substances, gasoline and oil, largely because of the jacketing material.

Highly Flexible

Quality UL Approved and USCG Approved 2/0 marine battery cable is also very flexible. With the multiple strands in the cable, it will not become hard and stiff over time and as exposed to heating and cooling.

This type of cable is also abrasion resistant. On boats of any type, the vibration from the motor and the movement can easily create rub points along the cable. Without the specific abrasion resistance, this could cause shorts in the cable very quickly, limiting the life of the cable and adding to the costs of maintaining the boat.

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