Advantages of Stump Grinding Service in Peachtree City GA

Tree Service

Perhaps you need a tree removed and you are asked if you want the stump ground. Or perhaps your new property is perfect -; except for those half-rotten tree stumps. There are many advantages of getting stump grinding service in Peachtree City GA.

Will Not Attract Insects

Many insects like ants and bees are attracted to rotting wood, especially termites. Termites are constantly on the move looking for more food sources to exploit. A tree stump on your property is not far enough away from your home for a termite scout to miss. If you see termites in your yard, fencing or in tree stumps, call an exterminator at once. In order to avoid calling an exterminator in the future, get the stumps ground.

Makes For More Attractive Landscape

Let’s face it — tree stumps are not the most attractive natural items you can have on your property. Tree stumps suggest that something is wrong with your property so that a tree needed to be removed. Removing stumps makes your property look better. Stump grinding also means that you will not have to keep tripping over the stump whenever the grass grows higher than the top of the stump.

Makes Lots of Mulch

Stump grinding makes mulch that can help your yard, trees or garden. Mulch helps to keep in moisture that can be lost in very dry conditions. Any area with wood chip mulch needs less watering, too. Wood chip mulch is also favored by earthworms and microorganisms good for your soil, notes Colorado State University.

No Large Hole In Yard

Conventional stump removal leaves a huge hole in your yard. No such hole is left with stump grinding. Grinding requires less machinery than stump removal, so you do not have to worry about damage to your lawn or landscape made by large machines. If you want to plant a new tree where the stump used to be, let your tree service in Peachtree City GA know so that a hole will be left for the new tree. The new tree will have plenty of mulch to help it grow.