Advantages of Basement Remodeling in Tinley Park, IL


From the floor to the ceiling, Basement Remodeling in Tinley Park IL can be completed by a skilled contractor. Sometimes, the basement is an unimproved while, in other cases, some rudimentary work was done long ago so the kids could have a playroom. Now the family wants extra living space, and the basement is the only place where this can be achieved.

Adding Living Space

Basement Remodeling in Tinley Park IL can add a substantial amount of square footage for living space since a full basement has square footage similar to the first floor. Most homeowners keep part of the area unfinished and continue using it for the laundry, placement of appliances like the water heater, and a workshop. The rest of the space, though, can be converted into a family room with a pool table, crafts room for a quilter, or any other suitable use.

An Apartment

If zoning or a special permit allows, a finished lower level can even be used as an apartment. A basement with sleeping space must have easy access to the outside that doesn’t only include the stairway to the first floor. That access might be the exterior door from a walkout level or it might be egress windows.

The apartment might have one bedroom or it might be a studio version that includes an electric range and a refrigerator. R. Brouwer Construction will also generate plans to build a bathroom in the space. Contact us to start the process of getting an estimate.

Considering the Flooring

Homeowners may wonder which kind of floor covering to have installed in the basement. Carpet over a suitable material to cover the concrete is the cheapest option, and it tends to be the most frequently recommended one. Most hard-surface flooring cots significantly more.

The homeowners may worry about what happens if the carpet ever gets soaked because of the basement flooding. That might happen due to heavy rainfall, a water heater or washing machine leak, or a sump pump malfunction. In most cases, wet carpet can be tackled with a vacuum designed for the purpose, after which fans and a dehumidifier will finish the work. It’s important to get this done quickly, though, or mildew will start to develop.