The Advantage of Contacting a Drain Rooter in Norristown


Drain clogs are a common occurrence in most households. Whether in a sink, tub, or toilet, a stubborn clog can quickly become a hassle if not addressed in a timely manner. Most clogs can be cleaned out with a little elbow grease and some patience, but sometimes a tough one is far enough down the drain line that you can’t get to it. At this point the problem is beyond your control and contacting a professional drain Rooter in Norristown, PA is the best bet at eliminating the troublesome blockage.

Drain lines can be unclogged in a variety of ways, but only businesses like Zoom Drain & Sewer Service employs the PowerSnake method. Through the use of an electro-mechanical machine, a steel cable with a bladed head is driven through the pipe, cutting into any foreign objects. The settings of the motor cause the cable to rotate while moving forward, thus allowing the blades to cut in a 360 degree motion. This is incredibly useful when the obstruction turns out to be tree roots or large masses of grease. Additionally, the PowerSnake cable is upwards of a hundred feet long, making it easy to reach clogs that are deep in the line.

An alternative drain clearing service that a Rooter in Norristown offers is high-pressure water jetting. It can be used instead of or in addition to the PowerSnake and will effectively eliminate obstructions while flushing out the drain line. The force of the water is so strong that tree roots can be pulverized and hardened scale will be removed from the pipe. The service is also useful when an attempt with the PowerSnake does not yield the desired results. If a clog is chopped up, but stuck just enough that the rotating cable can’t break it free, a blast from the water jetting machine is forceful enough to eradicate all that remains and clear the line.

A thorough drain and sewer cleaning service is a necessity when your water is backed up and you’ve exhausted all means of solving the problem. Any rooter service employing the PowerSnake method should be well versed in how to tackle major clogs and successfully remove them without overcharging the customer. This is a benefit of Zoom Drain & Sewer Service since their set service pricing does not allow extra labor charges. With their powerful equipment, these professionals will have your sewer line draining in no time.