Additional Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care in a Nursing Home Setting

by | May 22, 2014 | Health Care

It’s true that many seniors who suffer from a memory condition require additional attention from any caregiver. If your loved one is currently in a nursing home and receiving Alzheimer’s and dementia care, it may not be enough. Nursing homes can become very busy and overly populated establishments, making it easy for staff members to become overwhelmed and distracted. To ensure that your friend or family member is always receiving the attention and care that they deserve, you may want to look into hiring an additional care service.

Specializing in Memory Care
When you invest in additional care on top of what is being provided at the nursing home or assisted living facility, you’ll be giving your loved one the attention that they deserve. Not only do these nurses customize their care to meet each and every patient’s needs, they specialize in providing Alzheimer’s and dementia care. This means that they’ll not only know exactly what your loved one is going through, but they’ll know how to care for them in a way that makes them more comfortable both now and in the long-run.

The staff members at a nursing home will be able to provide basic care for your loved one, but it’s rare that they establish a close relationship with them. Nursing home patients often desire a sense of companionship, which can truly be accomplished through personalized Alzheimer’s and dementia care from an outside organization. Through daily visits and a desire to go above and beyond providing just medical care and attention, these nurses provide a very comforting experience for memory patients in a nursing home or assisted care facility setting.

Learn More
By taking the first step and researching specialized care organizations in your area, you can get the information you need to make an informed decision regarding the care of your friend or family member. Remember that memory disorders often require a higher level of care and attention, and this often isn’t provided in a nursing home setting alone. Don’t settle for less than what your loved one deserves and speak with a personalized care nurse today regarding your options.

Capital City Nurses provides specialized one-on-one care to patients in various conditions. From memory disorder patients to companionship services in the home, they’re happy to cater to each patient’s unique needs to ensure a comfortable and compassionate experience. To get started learning more, visit their website at

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