Add To Your Message With Badge Holder Reels


Finding cost effective ways to market your brand, organization, company or business is always a challenge, especially if you have to stay within an advertising and marketing budget. If you have faced this difficulty you may not have stopped to consider how small, unique items such as badge holder reels can add to your overall marking message at a very, very low overall cost.

If you aren’t sure what they are, badge holder reels are small plastic or plastic and metal devices that attach to the end of the lanyard or that will clip to a pocket or lapel to hold a name badge or identification. These highly eye-catching reels are perfect to give away to visitors, guests and customers while at your facility and let them take them when the leave. They also make a great give away at a conference, trade show or event that you are hosting, sponsoring or promoting.

Round and Square Styles

Round styles badge holder reels come in a variety of sizes and colors. They can be printed with an image of your choice or with information about your company. For schools, teams and workplaces their distinctive style will make them very easy to spot and track and also help to quickly identify people that are in the area as cleared or perhaps out of place.

There is the added feature in some of the reels to have a nylon cord that allows the identification badge or key card to be pulled away from the holder, then automatically the cord retracts to keep the ID or key card right where it is supposed to be.

Holding Accessories

Sometimes employees may need to hold more than just identification or key cards. For this, as well as for a great give away from promotions, you should consider a versatile carabiner reel. This handy and sturdy device will keep everything on the badge holders and, with a safe carabiner style closer, there is no worry about items getting loss or coming unclipped.

Badge holder reels are a very popular item for promotional give away items and for employee identification. They are low cost, durable and practical as well as a great way to get your message out there.