Act Quickly: Time Limitations For New Vehicle Lemon Law

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When a vehicle is referred to as a “lemon,” it’s usually a new car with recurring warranty issues that the dealer or manufacturer is unable to repair. Commonly known as the “Lemon Law,” Missouri’s New Vehicle Warranty Law is found at Missouri Revised Code 407.560, et. seq. It covers new vehicles, but not used vehicles, commercial or off-road vehicles, mopeds, motorcycles and the non-chassis portions of recreational vehicles. In enacting the statute, it was the intent of Missouri’s legislature to protect consumers from being burdened with new vehicles that are inoperable or unsafe.

The Protection Period

Protection under the South Carolina Lemon Law and Missouri lemon law involves nonconformities, and it lasts for a year or the expiration of the manufacturer’s express warranty, whichever comes first. It allows the manufacturer a reasonable number of attempts to repair a vehicle nonconformity. A reasonable number of attempts would be either of the following:

  • The vehicle was in the dealership for repairs for the same problem on four or more occasions, and the problem still exists.
  • The vehicle has been out of service because of a problem covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for 30 or more working days since delivery to the customer.

Missouri “Lemon Law” Remedies
If the issue can’t be repaired within a reasonable number of attempts, the manufacturer is given a choice. First, it can offer the purchaser a refund, or it can offer him or her a vehicle of comparable value. The law allows the manufacturer to deduct a reasonable sum of money for the consumer’s use of the vehicle from the refund. If the manufacturer elects to provide the purchaser with another vehicle of comparable value, that vehicle must be satisfactory to the purchaser.

If you believe that your new vehicle is a “lemon,” you must take immediate steps to protect and invoke your rights. Contact the Missouri Lemon Law attorneys at website.