Acquiring Temporary Custody Through Child Custody Attorneys In Bainbridge Island, WA

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Child Custody Attorneys in Bainbridge Island WA are your first contact whenever it is evident that a child is endangered. At any time that a family member becomes a danger to their children due to drug or alcohol abuse, you have the legal right to step in and petition the court for child custody. Under these circumstances, your attorney petitions the court to acquire temporary custody of the endangered child pending an investigation. After temporary custody is awarded, social services step in and launch this investigation and reporting the findings to the judge.

How to Receive Temporary Custody

When a parent is abusing drugs or alcohol, neglect of their child is almost certainty. For this reason, at any time that this abuse is discovered the welfare of the child becomes top priority. When you discover that a family member is neglecting his or her children, you have the legal right to petition the court to acquire child custody. To begin this process, you should contact Lindsay Olsen Attorneys at Law.

During this process you will attend a hearing with the judge during which you have the opportunity to discuss how the child is endangered. If the judge agrees that you have sufficient evidence that implies that further investigation is paramount, you are awarded temporary custody pending the findings of this investigation. A formal hearing is scheduled for a later date to discuss these findings and determine whether or not the biological parent has taken steps to seek help for their addiction. In the event that the nature parent has failed to seek help, it is probable that you will receive child custody or legal guardianship of this child.


Child Custody Attorneys Bainbridge Island WA present you with the opportunity to petition the court for child custody when the child of a family member is endangered. Addiction and child abuse are primary reasons for seeking temporary custody or legal guardianship of a minor child. During this process, you and your attorney speak with the judge and explain how the child is at risk. Once the judge awards temporary custody to you, a formal custody hearing is scheduled in which the biological parent must attend.