Before You Are in an Accident or Run Out of Gasoline, Be Prepared With a Towing Companies Phone Number in Your Cell Phone

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Breaking down or having a flat tire never happens at a convenient time. Usually you are late for work, or the weather is bad. Towing a car yourself with a tow strap is not a good idea, and can be dangerous to both the driver of the first car, the car being towed, innocent by-standers and drivers around you. A chain or strap can snap, flying in an unexpected direction. A tow strap or chain attached incorrectly can also damage your vehicle. Calling a towing company to have someone change your tire, or haul your car to a repair shop is a better answer.

It is a good idea, like having insurance, to keep a towing companies phone number in your wallet or cell phone. In the Beaumont Texas area, you can call Spankys Wrecker Service. By being prepared, you won’t find yourself scrambling to find someone to help you out. Because you have planned ahead, you know who to call. Towing services are usually available 24/7, and always at the ready for a service call. Life happens when you least expect it. But you can take some of the panic out of the situation by being prepared. Most cars are now controlled to some degree by computers. Computers are known for glitches and bugs and can stall a car in the middle of an intersection. It can render your car immobile and make you late for work and stranded along the side of the road. A car accident can also damage your car making it impossible to drive. It will, require towing to a body shop. Even keys locked inside a car require someone who knows how to gain access, a coat hanger doesn’t work any more.

Most towing companies can bill your car club or insurance company directly. Make sure to have your insurance information, drivers license and Auto Club card available for the tow truck driver. Don’t be caught unaware and unprepared, you never know when you might need to call a towing company. Take a moment and record a towing company’s phone number in your cell phone or in your wallet. One day, you will be thankful you did.