A Travel Luggage Protector Will Save You From Bed Bugs

by | May 17, 2016 | Business

People love to go on vacations. They work hard all year and are busy with daily life, school activities, work stress, deadlines, traffic and bills. But once or twice a year many people enjoy taking time away from their busy lives to relax and enjoy a fabulous vacation. During this time they may go to the beach, visit theme parks, eat lots of great food and just spend some time taking a breather and decompressing. Most people bring back lots of souvenirs and good memories when they return from their vacations. But some people bring something back with them that no one wants to have. Bed bugs! It is estimated that thousands of people come home from vacation each year with bed bugs that they picked up during their holiday hotel stays, or on an airplane, bus, cruise ship or train. Does this mean that people shouldn’t take vacations anymore? Absolutely not. Thankfully a travel luggage protector provides a safe, effective and affordable way to make sure you don’t bring bed bugs back with you when you go on your next vacation.

Protect Yourself from Bed Bugs Before You Leave

When most people hear about bed bugs they typically think of them as being confined to a bed in a cheap, run down, dirty establishment. But bed bugs can be found in even the fanciest of hotels and the level of cleanliness in a room is not a determining factor as to which places will be infested. In order to protect yourself, your possessions and your home from bed bugs you will need to purchase a travel luggage protector. First spray your empty luggage with a bedbug control product that is safe for luggage. Then pack your clothing in sealed luggage bags and place them into the suitcase. Finally place the luggage protector over your suitcase to ensure that no bed bugs can get through to your things.

Bed Bugs Will Travel

Some people might wonder why they would need to protect their luggage when bed bugs are typically found in beds. There are a couple of reasons. Think about what one of the first things that most people do when they enter a hotel room. They will generally place their suitcase on top of the bed to unpack it or look for the things they need to find. This is one way that bed bugs can get into your luggage. Bed bugs can also be imbedded into the carpets and can get into the luggage that way as well.

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