A Short Guide to Composite Fillings


Composite Fillings are a mixture of glass and plastic used to restore damaged and decaying teeth. These tooth-colored fillings are also used in cosmetic dentistry to change the shape or color of the teeth. In this brief article, patients can learn more about composite fillings.

Placement of Composite Fillings

Following preparation of the tooth’s surface, the composite material is placed in layers, with a special light being used to harden each of those layers. When the hardening process is complete, the dentist will shape the material to fit the patient’s tooth before polishing it to prevent premature wear and staining. Patients wanting composite fillings should consult a dentist who can determine the appropriate type of treatment.

Cost of Composites

Prices vary by practitioner and location, but composite fillings can, on average, cost twice as much as conventional silver fillings. Most dental insurers cover composite filling costs up to a certain limit, and patients pay the difference. As these fillings improve, insurers will become more likely to offer higher coverage.

Benefits of Composite Fillings

Most patients choose Composite Fillings for aesthetic reasons, because the dentist can blend different shades to create a close match for the patient’s teeth. These materials bond to the surface of the teeth to support their structure, preventing breakage and protecting the tooth from wide temperature fluctuations.

Composite Filling Drawbacks

After receiving composite fillings, patients may experience some post-operative tooth sensitivity. The composite’s shade may change slightly in patients who frequently drink coffee, tea, wine and other foods with a tendency to cause stains. Dentists can apply a clear coating over composite fillings to prevent color changes if a patient is truly concerned. Composite tooth fillings tend to wear sooner than conventional silver amalgam fillings in large cavities, but they hold up comparably in smaller cavities. To know more, click here.

Fillings have come a long way, and patients are no longer forced to use unsightly silver fillings. Composite fillings are versatile and adaptable, and they can be matched to teeth of any shade. By finding the right local dentist with Providence Dental Spa, patients can get the fillings and other dental care they need. You can like them on Facebook.