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A cashless payment solution allows your employees or students to make purchases with a convenient payment option. The system can recognize new employees, terminated employees, and even replace badges. As one of the best POS software solutions (POS) available, it is excellent for students and employees to track their purchases against the balance in their accounts.

A POS Solution for Many Industries

Many business types will benefit from this data management and cashless payment processing. Many businesses find eliminating cash in-store is more convenient for the cardholder and the clerk by removing some of the hassles that accompany traditional payment methods. Some of the enterprises benefited by POS software solutions include:

• Hospital Cafeterias

• Corporate Cafeterias

• Hospital Gift Shops

• And Others

One example of a business that can benefit from POS solutions is senior living and retirement facilities. Simple check-out solutions make the lives of staff and residents easier.

Product Solutions Available

Both on-premises and Cloud-based, these POS solutions are based on Microsoft .NET Framework and Microsoft Azure Stack. Specific products available include:

• Contactless POS Systems are popular in hospital and corporate settings

• Cloud POS Systems eliminate expensive upfront costs of storing data in-house

• Payroll Deduction POS Software allows employees to use ID badges instead of credit cards or cash to make purchases

• And more

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