A Millwright In Texas Can Disassemble And Relocate Machinery And Other Industrial Equipment

Moving and Relocating

A millwright is a tradesman who is trained to assemble, disassemble and move machinery, oil rigs, and conveyors, among other industrial equipment. They generally serve a four year apprenticeship to be qualified to work as a millwright. One of the most challenging jobs a millwright has is moving machinery from one plant to another plant or to a storage facility.

This task involves preparing the machinery for the move by taking the precautions necessary to ensure that all moving parts are secured and will not move in transit. This is accomplished by careful planning and a knowledge of the logistics required in moving machinery. Usually, a flat bed trailer pulled by a heavy duty truck will work well, but the logistics require planning for a trailer to be available that can carry the weight and has enough truck powerful to pull the trailer. The machinery must be secured to the trailer bed to prevent movement in transit.

If the machinery is going to be used in another plant, then the millwrights are responsible for unloading the machinery, moving it into its new location and making sure that all operational parts are functioning. This part of the move requires careful planning and a degree of skill for installing machinery.

A Millwright in Texas may work in a refinery where the equipment used to make gasoline and oil for consumer or commercial use is processed. Millwrights install and repair rotating equipment, including gas and steam turbines, pumps, compressors and conveyors. They need to use squares, micrometers and other tools to do this work.

A millwright may be required to troubleshoot a problem when the issue appears to be mechanical in nature. The diagnostic abilities of a Millwright in Texas will help keep the machinery working at maximum capacity. In an oil refinery, this is also an important safety measure when a piece of equipment has the potential for failing.
Millwrights also work in teams when a large project requires several millwrights to accomplish the task. A task can often be a matter of logistics as well as skill in moving and setting up equipment.