A Michigan Lemon Law Attorney Gets You Justice


The Michigan Lemon Law is not easy to manage on your own. There are very clear and specific requirements that you have had to meet to take advantage of the laws. A Michigan Lemon Law Attorney can use the laws to your advantage possible. Managing this situation on your own is not the best option. There are clear benefits for consumers that use these laws to their fullest.

Potential Outcomes

Using the Michigan Lemon Laws is not a guarantee that you will get the outcome that you deserve. Without the right legal expertise, you can risk your entire case. Your case can take a few different turns like:

A. You consult with a lawyer, you recoup your losses and get a new car
B. You do it on your own, and you are faced with a long court battle where you are fighting alone against experienced attorneys representing the dealership and manufacturer. You lose.
C. You do it on your own, and you get some sympathy and only win part of what you would win if you had an experienced attorney.

Clearly, A. is the best choice to deal with a lemon law case. A Michigan lemon law attorney can:

  • Prepare your case to win
  • Take some of the stress out of the situation
  • Use their experience to get you the outcome you want

Don’t do It Alone

You have been through enough with your vehicle situation. It is time to get some help and put this situation behind you. Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® is the law firm that specializes in lemon law cases across the United States. You deserve expert representation and to get the outcome you hope for. A lawyer just makes the process easier all around.