A Medical Doctor in Andover, Kansas Can Answer Questions About Why the Chickenpox Immunization Is Necessary


When planning to start a family, men and women typically have a huge number of questions about the best way to raise children. One question might be whether the youngsters actually need all the immunizations that are recommended now. They can find insightful answers from a medical doctor in Andover, Kansas.

For example, what about chickenpox? Is that childhood disease, once so common, really that bad? There are substantive reasons why healthcare experts strongly encourage parents to include this vaccination with other childhood immunizations.


First, the vaccine, as administered by a medical doctor in Andover, Kansas, is very effective at preventing the illness. A small percentage of children catch chickenpox later on, but their symptoms will be very mild.

Preventing Infection in Adults

Second, a major risk with unvaccinated children is that if they catch chickenpox, they may infect adults who have never been vaccinated nor had the disease. This illness tends to be much more severe in adults.

Preventing Complications in Children

Children can also be severely affected, however. Although the percentage is small, a certain number of youngsters who catch the disease and have not been vaccinated develop complications that require hospitalization. Infected children can develop pneumonia, high fevers, seizures and other serious complications. Even those who do not experience complications may be utterly miserable because of the itchy rash all over the skin along with the fever.

Preventing Shingles

Like children who have had chickenpox, those who have been vaccinated against the disease are at risk of developing shingles later on. Shingles, a very painful rash, is caused by a reactivation of the varicella virus in the body. The vaccine contains a weakened form of the virus. The condition is most common in senior citizens. But research has found that about 4 times more individuals who have had chickenpox develop shingles compared with those who were vaccinated against it at a clinic such as Wichita Family Medicine Specialists.

Getting Answers

Doctors can answer all the questions parents have about this immunization. As with other vaccinations, the child may have some pain and minor swelling on the arm where the shot was provided. Some develop a slight fever. Details on one particular clinic can be seen at WichitaFMS.com.