A Look At the New Windows 8 Wireless Comfort Keyboards

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If your office is interested in ergonomics at all they are going to love that Windows has come out with a wireless comfort keyboard.  It is called the Sculpt comfort keyboard and also the Sculpt mobile keyboard.  Both of these wireless comfort keyboards offer an ergonomic curve to the standard keyboard design. This new design helps to alleviate tension you can sometimes get in your wrists by using a standard keyboard.  This wireless comfort keyboard helps you to be able to hold your hands at a more comfortable angle.

This new wireless comfort keyboard has a wider spacebar that is split into two separate keys.  This makes the spacebar quite a bit easier to use.  You can use one side of it as a spacebar and the other side can be used as a backspace key if you wish for it to.  The makers of this new wireless comfort keyboard are saying that the new spacebar design helps so that you will not have to use your pinky fingers as much and therefore helping to remove the chance of getting such problems as repetitive stress injuries.  Not only will the dual spacebar help to relieve strain on your fingers but it will also help you to type faster as you will no longer have to reach far across the keyboard to reach the backspace key.

The Sculpt comfort keyboard connects to your laptop and desktop with a wireless USB dongle.  This wireless comfort keyboard uses two AAA batteries and is compatible with of course Windows 8, but also with Windows RT, Windows 7, and Windows Vista.  This keyboard is so new it is not even available to the public until around October 26 of this year 2012.  You will be able to purchase this wireless comfort keyboard for a price of $49.95.  This may seem high for a keyboard, but if it can help to eliminate stress on your body it will be worth it.

Many companies may find that their employees work can be completed in a more expedient time frame than before with the wireless comfort keyboard so they may decide to purchase these for their workplaces to help things move along more quickly.

If your boss doesn’t yet know about this new keyboard, you may want to be the first to let them in on this wonderful new concept and all the benefits it holds for both you and the other employees but also for the company as a whole.

If you find yourself at the computer for more than a few hours each day, purchasing a wireless comfort keyboard may be something you should check into right away.

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