Choosing the perfect engagement ring can seem more like a chore than an exciting event in your life if you don’t know anything about diamond rings. Before you begin shopping for diamond engagement rings in Colorado Springs, arm yourself with plenty of information so that you can select the perfect ring. Below is a guide to help you get started on your ring selection journey.

Diamond Shape

There are many diamond shapes available and the most common are round, oval, princess, marquise, pear and emerald shaped. Round and oval are self explanatory, while an emerald shaped stone is rectangular and a princess shape is square. A pear shaped diamond is also known as a teardrop shape as it’s larger at the top and tapers down to a point. A marquise diamond is oval shaped with pointy top and bottom ends.

Color and Clarity

Every diamond is rated by color and the hues can range from crystal clear to light yellow. The clearest diamonds are more rare than any of the others and that makes them the most expensive. Light shines the greatest through the clearest diamonds and this is what makes them sparkle. The clarity of a diamond will also help to determine the price you’ll pay. Some diamonds have natural inclusions, also known as blemishes, and the diamonds that don’t have any blemishes at all are rare and more costly. The inclusions in a diamond are minuscule and they can only been seen when magnified, so just by looking at a diamond, you won’t be able to see the inclusions if there are any.

Other Choices

Diamond rings are beautiful; however there are other choices when buying an engagement ring. Some diamond rings have other stones set in with them, such as a diamond and sapphire ring, or a diamond and ruby ring. Before making your final purchase, look at several different types and styles of diamond engagement rings in Colorado Springs to give you a better idea of the variety that’s available.

The staff at a premier jewelry store such as tri gem international diamond company, can help you choose the perfect ring for the one you love. If you prefer, the jeweler can design a custom ring based on your specifications.