A Divorce Attorney in Jefferson County, MO Could Help a Custodial Parent Get Child Support


Today, two incomes are often necessary to raise children comfortably. When one parent leaves the home, child support is crucial to maintaining the standard of living the children were accustomed to when they had both parents under the same roof. Although some noncustodial parents see child support as a punishment, there are some really good reasons why they should pay.

Children Thrive When Parents Pay Child Support

When parents are unhappy in their relationship, that stress is clear to the children. Kids may feel like they are responsible for the discord in their home and that, if they did something differently, their parents might get along. When one of the parents leaves and gets in touch with a Divorce Attorney in Jefferson County MO to end the marriage, much of that stress is reduced.

Children who receive child support from the parent who no longer lives with them may be able to have a more comfortable relationship with that parent when he or she is no longer in the home. Child support doesn’t replace the parent. It merely fills a gap in income the family would have with only one parent paying the bills.

Parents Who Pay Child Support Avoid Consequences

While child support is not a punishment, there are consequences for not paying as ordered. Custodial parents who don’t receive court-ordered child support might reach out to a Divorce Attorney in Jefferson County MO for help. Consequences could include loss of driving privileges or suspension of professional licenses as well as time in jail. Parents who pay the support ordered by the court not only help financially support their children, they don’t have to worry about finding alternative transportation or possibly going to jail.

Parents who move out of the family home should continue to contribute to their children’s financial well being. Research has found that parents who do spend more quality time with their children. Child support is not a punishment, and parents who pay should not resent their former spouse or children because a portion of their earnings goes to a household where they don’t live. Custodial parents who are not receiving the financial support they are owed may contact Wegmann Law Firm for assistance.