A Dentist in Middletown Helps Patients Replace Missing Teeth


It’s important for patients to see their Dentist in Middletown on a regular basis. That will ensure that their teeth and gums stay healthy. Cavities and gum disease are caused by bacteria. If these aren’t dealt with early, they can spread to other parts of the body. It’s been long known that these bacteria can affect heart health. Now the same bacteria have been associated with pancreatic cancer. With each medical report, it becomes more apparent that good dental health is important for a maintaining a person’s overall health.

Even with good preventative care accidents can happen. Sports injuries and car accidents can both cause young and old patients to lose teeth. When it’s just one or two teeth then Dental Implants are the solution. Once the trauma has healed, the dentist can insert the titanium screw into the jaw bone. The jaw then has to grow around the screw and hold it in place securely. This process takes about two months. Once it is complete, the screw acts just like the original tooth root. A gold post is attached to it and then a porcelain crown is attached to that. The final product is so natural that not many people will realize that it’s not an original tooth.

Some people suffer massive facial trauma in an auto accident and lose all of their teeth. For anyone regardless of age, this is a devastating experience. When a dentist tells them that a full set of dentures is their only option, they may remember an elderly uncle who always had trouble with his dentures slipping when he tried to eat or talk. The thought of going to a business meeting with dentures may terrify them.

The dentist can reassure them that dentures look much more natural these days and fit much better. Many dentists now use mini implants to hold them in place. Implants are placed at intervals around the upper and lower jaw. Instead of having a crown placed on top of them, they have a small metal ball. There’s metal slit in the bottom of the dentures that match these. In the morning, the denture wearer takes their clean dentures and pops them into place. The dentures fit securely until they are taken off for cleaning.