A Dentist in Haleiwa: Reasons for Teeth Sensitivity


One of the major problems that dentists handle on a regular basis is tooth sensitivity. According to a Dentist in Haleiwa, this can be prevented by avoiding substances or habits that cause the sensitivity. Below are some of the reasons that may cause your teeth to be sensitive:

Applying a lot of force when brushing

Do not assume that the harder you brush, the cleaner your teeth become. Whenever you brush with great force, you wear out your enamel bit by bit. There comes a time when canals leading to your dental nerves become exposed leading to teeth sensitivity. You should therefore brush your teeth without exerting too much force and get a soft toothbrush brand recommended by your dentist.

Mouthwash and whitening products

Dentists recommend mouthwash for cleaning at times when you cannot brush. However, some mouthwash brands do not have well-balanced chemicals and thus cause tooth sensitivity. The same case applies to whitening products, especially those that people use at home like toothpaste. If after some time of using your tooth whitening product you start experiencing teeth sensitivity, it could be that the whitener is not well balanced for your condition. Ask your dentist to recommend the best brands for you.

Your teeth have a defect

If you have a filling and yet you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, the reason could be that the fillings’ edges are becoming weak, and they are leaking in bacteria. A decayed tooth is also a common reason for teeth sensitivity.

Without proper brushing and flossing, plaque builds up in your mouth which then causes enamel loss. With exposed tissues, the tooth is bound to feel sensitive. Visit your dentist for the best solution on each of the above.

Dental procedures

Some dental procedures leave one with sensitive teeth. Such procedures include office teeth whitening and crown placement where part of the enamel needs to be filed off. If the sensitivity was to last for a short while, but it continues, you should go back to the dentist who performed the procedure to remedy it.

These are some of the major cause of teeth sensitivity. You should consult Dentist in Haleiwa whenever you experience sensitivity in your teeth or before using any teeth whitening products.