A Criminal Defense Lawyer in Knoxville Will Protect Your Rights


The Law Offices of Andrew Farmer will work hard to protect your rights if you have been involved in criminal activity. The reason you need a criminal defense lawyer in Knoxville is because you have a long road of trouble waiting for you. You could be looking at time in jail, fines that are more money than you can afford to pay, and a probation that is longer than necessary. If you are willing to turn your life around and get serious about making some changes, you can count on your criminal defense lawyer to be there for you.

Maybe you aren’t quite sure whether or not a criminal defense lawyer in Knoxville is going to be able to help your case. If this is the situation, let him make that decision. He is familiar with the law. He knows how to convince the judge to give you a second chance. Unfortunately, he cannot do any of these things until you have made the decision to hire him. Sit down with your lawyer and explain everything to him. Always make sure that you tell the complete truth about exactly what happened. This way, he will be able to represent you a little better.

You need to consider the fact that you are most likely going to go to jail. Thankfully, your criminal defense lawyer in Knoxville can usually help you to get a reduced sentence. Work closely with him and always have a positive attitude. Stay away from drugs as you will most likely be drug tested as part of your probation. If you do your part to stay out of trouble, your lawyer will be more likely to help you.

Now that you have been given a second chance, take advantage of it. Don’t make the mistake of getting in trouble with the law again. This is only going to make things worse. If for some reason, something happens and you do need your criminal defense lawyer in Knoxville again, remember that he will be there no matter what. No situation is too bad that he cannot help you to get back on your feet. Click here for more information.