A Criminal Attorney in Carmel NY Will Be Able To Help You If You Are Accused Of Commiting A Crime


When you need a criminal attorney look for the attorney with defense experience and also with experience on the prosecution side of the law. A criminal charge is a serious problem, and many people do not understand how serious it is until they try to resume a normal life. A conviction will follow you wherever you go and haunt you when you apply for a job, insurance, bonding, and many other normal events in life.

If you believe you are going to be charged with a crime, or if you have already been charged, then it is time to get a Criminal Attorney in Carmel NY involved with your situation. Don’t continue to wait while the prosecutor continues to build a case against you.

When you get an attorney involved, it sends a message to the prosecutor that he must be prepared and all of his evidence must be admissible. Prosecutors treat accused persons differently when they don’t have an attorney, and sometimes they will proceed to trial on evidence that is weak hoping to make a good case at trial. This is not to say that every prosecutor does this, but why take a chance on trying to defend yourself or using an inexperienced criminal attorney. You have too much to loose. Look at  to learn more about the attorneys and their experience as well as the cases they handle.

A DUI or DWI charge in New York State can be a very serious problem because of the way the State and the citizens view intoxicated drivers. The penalties are harsh and costly. This is also embarrassing when you consider everyone will wonder why your wife is driving all of the time. A Criminal Attorney in Carmel NY who is experienced in dealing with DUI and DWI charges may be able to get the prosecutor to plead down the charge to a misdemeanor.

Most every criminal charge can be reduced to a lesser charge if your record is clean. In many instances, an experienced attorney can convince the prosecutor to dismiss the charges if there is some doubt about the validity of the evidence or the correct application of the law. Your attorney will investigate the background of any witness to determine their credibility. He will also investigate the background of any police officer who is involved to determine his success as a witness in a trial.