A Company That Takes the Hassle Out of Stock Transfers

Financial Services

Colonial Stock Transfer Company, Inc. is an agency that provides stock issuers and shareholders with stock transfer and compliance services. It is widely known as an agency that uses a personal touch and highly-trained employees to provide the most professional service possible. Large and small issuers alike realize cost saving efficiencies due to Colonial’s advanced issuer platform and service offerings. Colonial also offers many services and resources to help shareholder meetings and communication go more smoothly.

Companies are able to file for the SEC through Colonial’s fully-registered filing business that specializes in EDGAR and XBRL filings. This division has been in business since 2006 and has established a portfolio of customers.

Issuer Services
Aside from transfer agent and SEC filing services, Colonial Stock Transfer offers employer plan services such as employee stock purchase plans and stock option tracking software. Companies that need compliance assistance utilize Blue Sky Reg D exemption services to take the confusion out of state securities laws. Other popular issuer services include consultation, press release, corporate action, and issuer resources.

Shareholder Services
There is a lot of legwork involved in preparing for shareholder meetings, communicating with shareholders, and keeping up with general shareholder “housekeeping.” Colonial Stock Transfer offers resources and educational materials to companies that need help in these areas. The Stock Transfer Guide assists companies in various stock transfer scenarios where there are ownership changes and transfers and restriction removals. The Lost Stock Certificate resource educates companies on the process required to replace a lost certificate, which is a financial asset. The Vote Your Proxy webpage allows shareholders to vote and view proxy materials using their Proxy Notice’s control number.

Colonial Stock Transfer is a valuable resource for companies that require professional help in stock transfer and compliance processes. The company scales to businesses of all sizes and offers competitively-priced service packages.

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