A Catering Company in Weston Helps Make a Dry Wedding Reception Delightful


For certain reasons, an engaged couple might not want to have alcohol at their wedding reception and dinner. This is an uncommon choice and one that may leave some guests feeling a little disgruntled. The couple will want to figure out ways to make sure the guests have a fun time without any alcoholic beverages. One way is to hire a Catering Company in Weston to serve delicious food that will satisfy everyone there.

Let Everyone Know Beforehand

It’s considerate to let guests know beforehand that this is an alcohol-free event. A note can be included with the RSVP card. This is similar to the way some couples choose to let everyone know they are planning a child-free reception so people don’t assume they can bring a toddler even if the child’s name wasn’t on the invitation. Couples can also let their invitees know if the dinner will be vegetarian so nobody is surprised when they arrive.

How can couples make sure a dry wedding reception is fun when they know at least some of their guests would prefer to have some drinks?

Choose an Interesting Venue

One strategy is to find a venue for the reception where alcohol isn’t available and there are plenty of interesting things to see. Some possibilities could include an art museum, gallery, or a county or state park.

Celebrate With Mocktails

Another way is to celebrate the absence of alcohol instead of ignoring the elephant in the room. This can be done by providing alcohol-free beer, wine, and mocktails like Virgin Mary drinks instead of Bloody Mary cocktails. The couple might want to create a mocktail of their own and offer it to anyone who would like to try this new drink. A Catering Company in Weston would be glad to have these beverages on hand at the reception.

Have Lunch Instead of Dinner

The couple might consider having lunch instead of dinner since most people are less inclined to drink during the daytime. Catering can be provided by an organization like Tarantella Ristorante & Pizzeria if pasta and pizza are desirable choices. A buffet allows everyone to mingle and choose whatever they like. You can also connect them on Facebook.