A Brief Explanation of How Bail Bonding in Saginaw TX Works

Bail Bonds

When someone begins searching online for a bonding company to help this person bail a relative out of jail, results for other types of bonds may appear in the search. Many types of bonds can be purchased for various reasons, and not all companies providing the service issue surety bonds for bail. This man or woman must look specifically for licensed agencies offering service for Bail Bonding in Saginaw TX.

Setting of Bail

Depending on the offense that has been charged, bail may have been automatically set or the person may have to wait until an initial appearance before a judge. The application process for Bail Bonding in Saginaw TX can begin before the exact dollar number is known. Once a judge sets bail, the paperwork can be completed, the service fee paid and the surety bond posted.

Who Uses Bail Bonds?

Bail bonds are mainly used by people who cannot afford to pay cash bail to the court. However, even some men and women who could afford bail choose to pay a bonding agency instead of tying up a large amount of cash for a long time. For example, a person might have $20,000 in savings but does not want to withdraw $15,000 of it for bail. Although the money is refunded when the case ends, that is a lot of cash to withdraw for a case that could take many months to resolve.

Bail and bonds are the two main ways defendants are released from pretrial confinement. A judge sometimes allows defendants to be released on their own recognizance, usually after a lawyer makes a persuasive case for this option. When the court demands bail, however, the defendant will remain in jail until cash or a bond is provided.

Release From Confinement

As soon as the bond is posted, the defendant can be released. The timing depends on the situation at the jail, including how many other men and women are awaiting release on bail or bond. Release can be immediate or it can take a few hours. Anyone who needs assistance with ending a defendant’s pretrial confinement may Contact Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds Today.